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We have now been in the new location in London for a year now and the team is going from strength to strength. We have BJJ, Thai Boxing, Nogi, Judo, Wrestling, Kettlebells, Yoga, Kids’ classes, teen classes, Women’s classes. For more details please check out

Carlson Gracie Hammersmith has moved!!!

First class at our new location is Monday 30th January  2012 at Mid-day.
The new location is 89 Richford Street London W6 7HJ.
Thank you very much for your patience while we secured the new premises. We will have 2 mats (170sq m and 80 sq m), a big weights and cardio room, male and female showers, acai bar, treatment room, shop, TV Lounge. Over 6 thousand square foot in total.


New Judo class!

New Judo class on Mondays at 6:30. This class will focus on techniques and grading. (BJJ basics class unaffected)

New wrestling class!

New wrestling class at 6.30 on Wednesday evenings as well as Fridays at 3pm. (BJJ basics classes unaffected)

New classes for November

New classes added to the timetable for November at 275 King Street W6 9LZ;
Kettlebells Monday 10 am Friday 10 am
Wrestling Friday 3 pm
Thai Boxing Pro training-time to be decided.

BJJ drills Monday 4pm

Winners at the International Masters event in Rio!

Congratulations to Dave Broughton (purple belt) and Dickie Martin (Black Belt) on their victories at the international Masters and Seniors event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event is the World’s premier event for BJJ athletes over 30 years of age and we are all very proud of their performance.

New Location for Carlson Gracie London

Carlson Gracie London has moved to 275 King Street London W6 9LZ 3rd Floor

Judo class back on from 11th June 2011!

Our Saturday Judo class is back on, 12.30 every Saturday with 5th Dan Glenn Spiers.

If you’re serious about competing in BJJ you need to train Judo!

Saturday Judo class cancelled until further notice

Unfortunately the Saturday Judo class is cancelled until further notice. The BJJ class at 2pm continues as normal.

Carlson Gracie team wins the Essex Open

Congratulations to everyone from Carlson Gracie revolution Team who competed at the Essex Open this weekend. With dominant performances at all belt levels we were able to retain the Mestre Gomes cup by a huge margin.

Full results can be found here…

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