What is the kettlebell?                                          

The Kettlebell or “gyra” looks like a cannonball with handle and is usually made from cast iron. Kettlebell training in Russia is a national sport with Schools and the Military using them regularly.
Some people call them “the AK47 of physical training” because the results comes so quickly and it is such a great way to maximise your strength gains. Pavel Tsatsouline, ex trainer of the Russian special forces put the kettlebell training into a highly effective system that is used for a huge range of applications varying from physiotherapy to special forces training. For more information visit

What is the different between Kettlebells and dumbbells or barbells?

Kettlebells don’t require a special facility. They are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive. They deliver faster results than any other type of workout. The centre of gravity is also different than with barbells or dumbbells and are hugely effective for working the stabilizing muscles. Isolation exercises with dumbbells or barbells don’t use stabilizing muscles to the same degree or angle as kettlebells. Training with kettlebells is a whole body workout that delivers great gains in functional strength.

Who can use kettlebells?

Basically anyone who wants to improve their physical condition. Men or Women, old or young, everyone can find a weight and intensity level to suit their needs from zero experience to International Athlete.

If you have any injuries that may be aggravated by hard physical training you should consult your physician before engaging in kettle bell training.

Kettlebell training should always be conducted with an experienced instructor as it is a highly technical form of exercise and incorrect technique could result in injury.   

Who Is the instructor?

Our kettle bell programme is managed by Attila Varga, certified instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline and Carlson Gracie Team’s renowned Thai Boxing coach.

How do I get started?

Just come along to the academy for a chat about your training needs or visit You can also email us on or call us on 020 8748 8855