Do you run beginners classes?

Yes, we run basics classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6.30pm-7.45pm and Fridays, 7.45pm-9.30pm.

The basics classes are aimed at White belts,to help them build a strong foundation to their jiu jitsu,but all levels are welcome.

As usual,beginners and White belts are welcome at ANY Carlson Gracie class but we recommend attending the basics class in addition to your other classes.

What do I need to wear?

If you have a judo gi then that is ideal, if not then shorts and t-shirt will be fine for your first few classes.

Can I buy a Gi?

Yes, we sell a range of BJJ gi in association with www.faixarua.co.uk with prices ranging from £65 to £95.

What else should I bring?

Some water or sports drink is essential and these are available at the club.

Is there parking available?

There are parking restrictions in the daytime but free parking is available after 5pm and all day at weekends.

Is the gym in the congestion zone?

No, a couple of miles outside.

How far is it from Hammersmith tube?

Less than 10 minutes walk from Hammersmith Station and a couple of minutes from Ravenscourt park or Stamford Brook tube stations.

What will happen in a class?

Most classes consist of a warm up followed by some techniques then some sparring.

What is sparring?

No kicking or punching (BJJ), students try to use the grappling techniques they have learnt against a fully resisting opponent. Students must never try and hurt each other, techniques must be applied with control and as soon as your opponent submits (taps) he must be released. In Muay Thai sparring is optional and varies from very light to full contact.

Is there a self-defence class?

All the martial arts taught at Carlson Gracie London will assist you in defending yourself.

Is there a Women’s class?

Women are free to join the evening classes or there are dedicated classes in the daytime, to book a place on our next available course contact us at info@carlsongracieteam.org.uk

It all looks very scary, how do I start?

Just walk in and start training, everyone is friendly and helpful and we all started by just walking through the door.